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Goshtober 2012 - review by Dann

Okay I've made a decision. There's probably about 4 people who visit this site on a given month, and 5 of them are spam bots who surprisingly leave nicer comments than most Youtubers despite posting a link that may get me fired or otherwise shamed. Aside from the eight year gap between the original couple reviews and the decent run we had for a while (one year), it's obvious I don't have time for the site as often as I'd like. I spend most of my time maintaining O-Review, since that actually does have a following, but I hate to leave things in such disrepair here.

So here's what I'm planning to do. In the latter part of September, and all of October, I'm going to drop my other projects and concentrate on doing various reviews or blogs that are Fall/Halloween in nature. To be honest, it's the only time of year that is inspiring. Certain points of Spring are nice with the promising 3 days of good weather, Easter Eggs, and wearing Shamrock antennae. Summer can be fun I guess. I really try to get into barbeque and neon picnic supplies, but I tend to just hate the heat and humidity, all the while waiting for the coolness of Fall to return again. Of course Christmas has it's own charm, but it's more for wholesome reasons, and that doesn't fit in well here. At least post-wise. And winter after New Years is essentially useless.

So hopefully I can get some content up here while I'm in a greater mood for it, while dropping my other workload and not get too overburdened. Doesn't include my normal life, but that's an aside.

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Goshzilla says: Is 'an aside' actually a term?